New updates and improvements to bugreporting.

  1. You can now update the color of the widget to match your website branding so it blends in perfectly!

  2. YAS! Its finally live, you all really wanted this and we had to deliver.

    How do you access this ?

    Go to one of your projects and the click on configure

    Then click of "Widget" and you can change

    => The Header text

    => Description

    => Button lavel

    => Button position

    Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 1.09.53 am

  3. You asked, we built!

    Now you can auto-assign members, So whenever a bug is reported for e.g it will be allocated to a dedicated developer or if an "improvement" is reported you can auto-assign it to your product manager!

    Simply head over to the configure section of your project

    Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 11.43.29 pm

    Click on the spanner

    Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 11.43.34 pm

    And auto-assign, simple!

    Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 11.43.41 pm
  4. Ever had a situation where you're trying to figure out the bug your customer is facing, but you can't jump on a zoom call?

    And perhaps you don't want to install our script because your developers are too busy or you just haven't gotten around to it!

    We've got you covred, the magic link automatically shows the bug reporting widget without you doing any installation of any sorts. We draw our script ontop of your website in our magic URL

    The Magic Link is available in your project on the side tab!


    Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 11.24.50 am

  5. Connect BugReporting to over 2000 different tools! The Zapier integration is live and 🔥/

    You can find some pre-made templates we've created for you over here along with instructions on how to install them in 1 click.

    You've got full flexibility to do whatever you'd like with the integration as we offer several hooks.


  6. You ask and we deliver

    Now you can annotate images with our highly versatile markup tool

    Simply click on the draw button when you press on "Leave feedback"

    Your customer will be now given the ability to annotate their screenshot!


    Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 10.55.46 pm

  7. Now you can access notifications and see whats happening across your website. No more guessing

    It's to the right of this :)


  8. You can now directly communicate with the customer/QA who submitted the bug via our live communication feature

    You can also hold internal discussions completely isolated to your team to talk about the bug and bring in any comments, this is followed through with our notification system with notifies you of any updates or mentions


    And here's how external discussion with the customer looks like

  9. Now you can integrate with Google Drive as an Appsumo user and get unlimited videos vs being limited to the 80 videos per month

    In 2 clicks your hosting of videos will be moved to GDrive and everything will run super smooth and you're off to the races!

    Ofcourse do note that if you surpass your storage on GDrive, uploads will fail so that's something for you to consider